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petite_stars's Journal

7 March 1986
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  • petite_stars@livejournal.com

...about me...
I'm 23 year old aussie girl who spends way too much time on the internet. I post on my rather boring life as well as fandom and food and friends. I write fanfiction every now and then and am always on the lookout for like minded fandom friends :)
...fandoms and people i love...
Stargate SG1.Law and Order Criminal Intent & SVU. NCIS. Amanda Tapping. Kathryn Erbe. Cote de Pablo. Michael Weatherly. Freo Dockers. Samantha Carter. Classix SG1 team. Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter. Ziva David. Alex Eames. Harry Potter.
... friending policy...
My journal is mostly friends only. All fic and most art posts are public so if you're just here for the fiction then friend away :) If you want to read my personal entries, leave a message in my friends only sticky post and I'll friend you back. I just like to know who is reading my boring life entries! Comment or lurk, I don't mind! I love to meet new people :)
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