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I am alive!

Man I need to update more often! I swear I will stop bring lazy :) I check livejournal daily but just never post!

In life news the job I applied for went to someone else :( very discouraged, and seriously need some career direction. Mostly I need a higher paying job, or I will be doomed to live at home forever. It's not all about money but god I want to move out!

Eagles v dockers today, freo home game. We are hammered by injuries at the moment but please let us win! Go dockers!!

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contiuum sam and jack

Home alone!

Parents and brother are in
Melbourne for the weekend so I get to pretend I live on my own :) so far it's been cold and lonely... I think Iight go shopping ;)

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contiuum sam and jack

Fic: Missing 1/?

Title: Missing 1/?  
Author: petite_stars    
Rating: K +
Pairing: S/J
Summary: Set following Bereft and Complete. Sam and Jack's perfect family life couldn't last forever.
Disclaimer: Don't own anything!
Author's notes: I was rereading 'Complete' the other night and I got hit by a plot bunny that just wouldn't let go. I have decided to post this fic as I am writing it, some is written, but it is far from finished – so be warned! I do have every intention of completing it however feedback is a wonderful encouragement ;)

** I would recommend reading Bereft and Complete first although you can follow the story without doing so**
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contiuum sam and jack

fic question!

If you had one of those locator chips that SG1 have that allow for them to be beamed aboard the ships, would it be possible to locate a person wearing one if the ship wasn't around? Say if someone went missing from Earth, could the person be tracked from the SGC by their chip?

I'm hoping for a 'No' answer here or its going to really create a big plot hole for my latest fic... lol